Vanessa Norman - Bio PIc

Vanessa Norman


Venessa always had a passion for animals. When she was younger she always wanted to be a vet! Instead, she went to school for music and theater, but that love and passion never went away. She loves being able to advocate for her patients as they themselves do not have a voice. It’s fulling for her to be their voice and help them get the best possible care. She enjoyed the fast-paced environment of veterinary medicine, the awesome clients and patients that come to PHAH, and her co-workers, all of whom are friendly and always willing to help her learn new things!

She shares her home with her Husband, Peter (He/Him) whom she married in 2019. They then moved to the area in October of 2019. They share 2 dogs, Chuckers a blue healer beagle mix, and Charlie, a black mouth cur mix. Both rescues! In her free time she enjoys being outside in nature, dancing, singing, crafting, woodworking, playing video games, and plants!