Veterinarians Near Oakridge Oregon

Pet care is one of the most important aspects of owning an animal. As a pet owner, you want to ensure your pet receives accurate and compassionate care and make sure they receive their timely vaccinations. You want to connect with veterinarians who can schedule an appointment with you as quickly as possible when your pet has an illness. Furthermore, you want to deal with providers who will make your pet comfortable while trying to get to the root of the illness. Our animal hospital is the perfect place for your dear pets.

Oakridge Pet Care Center

Pleasant Hill Animal Hospital near Oakridge, Oregon has been providing high-quality pet care since it opened its doors. Pet-friendly organizations have recognized the facility as one of the top-rated pet care facilities in the area. The reason the facility is so highly rated is because of the compassion level of each employee. Our veterinarians want to keep pet owners informed of surgical procedures that we will need to perform on their pets. We want to speak with pet owners frankly about their pet’s condition so they will know exactly what to expect.
Our mission is to pinpoint a pet’s health issues so we can implement a strategy to bring it back to good health.

Oakridge, OR pet owners can contact Pleasant Hill Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment today.