Veterinary Care In Lowell Oregon

Most people consider their pet a member of the family. You take your family members to the doctor for regular checkups, you need to take your pet to the veterinarian for regular checkups as well. Taking your pet to the vet for regular preventive care, can keep them healthier, longer and visiting Pleasant Hill Animal Hospital in the Lowell, OR can help with that.

Services Your Pet Can Receive at an Animal Hospital

There are several types of animal care, other than preventive care that your pet can receive at an animal hospital.

Emergency care: If your pet is very ill, or has had an accident which caused a physical injury, you can take your him to the vet for emergency services.

Surgeries: There are several reasons why your pet could need surgery. They could have an illness or have had an injury which requires surgery. If this is the case, your vet can provide surgical services.

Diagnostic services: If you think that your pet may be sick, you can visit the animal hospital, and your vet can run tests, in order to diagnose the problem. Once the vet makes a diagnosis, your pet can receive the proper veterinary care needed to treat the problem.

Dental care: While humans see a doctor and a dentist, there are no dentists for animals. The vet handles all dental care and dental problems that your pet may have.

Beautiful Lowell, Oregon Providing Vet Care

Oregon is a beautiful state. Lowell, OR is the home of the famous Lowell Covered Bridge. Lowell is not only home to fabulous landmarks, it is also home to some of the best veterinarians in Oregon.

Pleasant Hill Animal Hospital of Lowell, OR will provide your pet with