Fall Creek

Veterinarian Diagnostic Services Fall Creek, OR

If your furry friend needs help, it is important to get them to a skilled veterinarian as soon as possible. The right professionals can provide invaluable services, and at Pleasant Hill Animal Hospital near Fall Creek OR, you can always expect the best for your pets. With a highly trained staff ready to assist you, we specialize in providing a variety of unique solutions for all of your pet’s problems.

Animal Care Near Fall Creek

Pets cannot speak, so it is up to us to determine what is bothering them and how we can help. Our diagnostic professionals can ensure that we will figure out what is wrong with your pet and determine the best course of action for them. We know how difficult surgeries can be, so we often focus on preventative care first in order to make sure that your pet can feel better without any invasive procedures. Among our high quality diagnostic services are blood analyses, clotting profiles, thyroid testing, and numerous quick testing to root out tickborne diseases.

Fall Creek is a gorgeous, unincorporated community located in Lane County, Oregon, just southeast of Springfield. It was named for the stunning Fall Creek, a stream that flows into the Willamette River just below the rest of the small, quiet community. From the beautiful natural surroundings to the friendly, warm people, there is much to enjoy when you need to check in your pet.